First Time Dog Sledding - Lake Louise, Alberta Canada


After spending 18 years on the tropical island of Saint Lucia, I thought, what on Earth was I thinking getting into a dog sled? But then again, I am now living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada—Yes, Canada!—therefore its best I get use to my new environment and “temperature” or else it will be years and years of cold, boring, long winters.

Up! Up! Up! The Gondola - Banff, Alberta, Canada

To the top of Sulphur Mountain in Banff, Canada to experience a bird's eye view of six mountain ranges. At the Banff Gondola, you'll see more mountains in a moment than most see in a lifetime. This exhilarating activity is open year-round - a definite 'must-do' on your trip to the Canadian Rockies.

I Found An Older Sister

For you to understand the moral of the story, “I Found An Older Sister,” if you haven’t, please watch the following music video, “I Wish Knew Him—Dedicated To My Deceased Father.”

In the late month of August, 2010, I was seated at my Lucian friend’s apartment in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, when all of a sudden the vibration of my blackberry messenger notified me of a new friend request. Hmm, Heidi? I thought, must be an old classmate from Saint Lucia. I went ahead, confirming the request—not really paying attention to my new added contact. I pocketed my cell phone to regain focus on mingling with my friends.

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