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An Autobiography of Bouncing Back From All Rejections

by Arnold Henry

Hanging On To My Dreams [Front Cover]

Book Synopsis

Hanging On To My Dreams is an inspiring autobiography that follows the first 23 years of Arnold Henry, a West Indian basketball player who overcomes many hurdles and disappointments on the road to fulfilling his American hoop dreams. The story starts with a portrayal of Arnold's Caribbean childhood in a difficult household where sports provided a dream and a means of escape. After becoming the first basketball player from Saint Lucia to be awarded a full basketball scholarship as a freshman at the highest level of the National Collegiate Athletic Association in the United States, Arnold Henry's victory lap took a dark turn as he saw more school leagues than he expected after being accused of a crime. This stirring narrative also deals with Arnold's struggle to integrate into the American culture and sports systems.

Arnold Henry's will to succeed and his strength to hang on to his dreams illustrates how we all can attain our goals—no matter what society throws at us.

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