Honorarium - Author Visit - Public Speaking Fees

Arnold Henry loves sharing his inspiring story with students, groups, teachers for school assemblies, Author Day activities, library presentations, etc. Read all about a typical author visit on his Author Visit - Public Speaking Information Page and then Contact the Author to schedule a date. 

Author Visit - Public Speaking Fees:

Full Day four speeches during a visit $425.00US + Travel/Expenses
Half Day Two speeches during a visit $325.00US + Travel/Expenses
Quarter Day One speech during a visit $225.00US + Travel/Expenses
Evening Talk After 5pm $250.00US + Travel/Expenses
One-on-One's With One individual $45.00US/hour
Tip: One way to lower the cost of an author visit is to coordinate with other schools or groups in your area and then split the travel and expense costs.
Note: Each presentation are up to one hour each. Book signings (and questions and answer sessions) may extend beyond 60 minutes at NO additional charge.
Additional travelling expenses are only for trips beyond 25 miles from the author's starting point (Calgary, Alberta).

Arnold Henry is based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada and is available for local as well as national and international bookings. The honorarium will be accepted as compensation towards preparation time, travel and accomodation.

For booking consideration or to speak with Arnold Henry directly, please click here to contact him

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